Magpie XYZ
Magpie XYZ

The WOM UP Party

The WOM UP Party is a cutting-edge program that encourages user involvement in the development of Magpie’s core functions.

How does the "Weekly WOM UP Party" event function?​​

  • The WOM UP Party Event allows users to convert their WOM tokens into mWOM tokens at 1:1 ratio, to earn vlMGP rewards for each WOM token converted.
  • The conversion process is smooth and once completed, users will instantly have their locked MGP tokens reflected in their vlMGP balance.
  • 1 WOM converted = 1 mWOM + vlMGP rewards

What can you do after you complete the WOM UP conversion?

You can Earn Passive income with your mWOM and also Access the benefits of vlMGP.