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Magpie XYZ


Magpie is developed with a focus on ensuring our users' safety and peace of mind. However, there are hazards whenever you interact with any smart contract involving decentralized finance. Prior to the launch of the platform, our team conducted a thorough assessment of our smart contracts and also sought the assistance of adroit technical external auditors in order to uncover any potential flaws and loopholes in the system.
Despite this, there is still a chance that you could lose all of your money or a portion of it. When it comes to dealing with the platform, we kindly ask that you exercise caution and do so within the confines of your own risk strategy.
Users are subject to any risks that are associated with the Wombat Exchange, in addition to the risks that are associated with Magpie, owing to our direct integration with them. Before you interact with either of these platforms, we ask that you first check their documentation and any risk explanations.