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Magpie XYZ

The Weekly WOM UP Party

The WOM UP Party is a cutting-edge program that encourages user involvement in the development of Magpie’s core functions.

How does the "Weekly WOM UP Party" event function?​​

  • The Weekly WOM UP Party Event allows users to convert their WOM tokens into mWOM tokens, with a reward of 2 guaranteed vlMGP for each WOM token converted.
  • The conversion process is smooth and once completed, users will instantly have their locked MGP tokens reflected in their vlMGP balance.
  • 1 converted WOM = 1mWOM + 2 vlMGP
Note: The initial WOM UP Party kicks off with 1 million vlMGP in rewards for those converting WOM. The weekly allocation of vlMGP rewards will be decided by the team based on the market condition and any unused rewards from one week will carry over to the following one.

What can you do after you complete the WOM UP conversion?

You can Earn Passive income with your mWOM and also Access the benefits of vlMGP.