Cost-Effective Voting Power for Wombat Voters

Users can acquire voting power on Wombat cost-effectively through MGP

Wombat Exchange voters must buy and lock WOM tokens to get voting power without earning passive income, which is not a cost-effective way to control governance power.

Magpie offers cost-effective voting power for Wombat voters:

MGP lockers can control the voting power that Magpie has accumulated through its veWOM holdings. Each WOM that Magpie locks on Wombat is locked for 4 years. This means that all of Magpie's veWOM own the highest benefits on Wombat. Wombat voters can buy voting power cost-effectively by locking MGP tokens. Users can lock MGP as Vote-Locked MGP on Magpie to participate on Wombat's governance while earning boosted rewards at the same time.

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