Magpie XYZ
Magpie XYZ

Magpie Maximizing Benefits

Understanding Magpie

What is Magpie?

Magpie is a BNB Chain native yield-boosting platform built on top of Wombat Exchange that maximizes governance benefits on Wombat.

How does Magpie support Wombat Exchange?

Wombat Exchange offers users the opportunity to lock WOM tokens in order to participate in the protocol's governance and get increased rewards as liquidity providers in the platform. Locking WOM on Wombat alone won’t reap users any rewards unless they are also liquidity providers at the same time. Magpie is focused on locking WOM tokens to get the highest benefits on Wombat Exhange and then offer these benefits back to users.
🔹 Boosted Rewards for WOM holders
🔹 Boosted Rewards for Liquidity providers
🔹 Cost-Effective Voting Power & Passive Income for Wombat Voters
🔹 Decreasing WOM circulating supply