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The Magpie Bribery Market

Monetize you voting power

Participate in the governance of Wombat Exchange through the Magpie Bribery Market.

1. Enter Magpie

2. Navigate to the "Bribe" tab

Press "Bribe"

3. Dashboard: Vote on Wombat

Here users can:

  • See their amount of vlMGP tokens.
  • See how much veWOM is controlled by 1 vlMGP.
  • Claim accumulated bribes.
vlMGP balance / Details / Accumulated bribes (Claim)

4. Select a pool to vote for:

  • On the Magpie bribery market, vlMGP holders can select any pool of their preference to allocate their voting power.
  • The WOM allocation for each pool on Wombat is counted per second, users can change their votes and their participation on that voting period will be split between their time in each pool and their allocated weight for each pool.
  • vlMGP voters can earn a share of the bribes offered by their selected pool.
  • Users can update their votes.
Select your preferred pool and allocate your votes