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Convert WOM into mWOM

WOM holders can convert their tokens into mWOM to earn high APR %

Convert WOM into mWOM

1. Enter Magpie

2. Navigate to the "Stake" tab

Press "Stake" to see the WOM pool

3. Select the "WOM Pool"

Select the "WOM" pool

4. Approve the conversion from WOM to mWOM

  • Select the amount of WOM to convert
  • Approve (Approve infinity can be selected in case that users want to convert more WOM later)
Approve the conversion of WOM

5. Smart Convert / Stake mWOM

  • Smart Convert & Stake: Get the best ratio from WOM to mWOM and automatically stake your converted mWOM on Magpie to earn passive income.
  • Smart Convert: Get the best ratio from WOM to mWOM. mWOM can be staked on Magpie or Wombat Exchange.
Press "Smart Convert & Stake" to automatically stake your mWOM

6. Unstake mWOM

Press "Unstake" and confirm the transaction