๐ŸŒ‰Bridge WOM tokens to Arbitrum

Bridge WOM from BNB Chain to Arbitrum

WOM token holders can now transfer their assets from BNB Chain to Arbitrum using Wormhole's Portal Bridge. After the successful transfer, WOM can be converted into mWOM through the Arbitrum WOM UP Party at 1:1 ratio, allowing users to earn ARB rewards for each WOM converted.

In this guide, we will provide you with simple and detailed instructions for each step of the transfer process using Wormhole's Portal Bridge. Before we proceed, we would like to remind you to prioritize your security and take necessary precautions to protect yourself.

1. Select BNB Chain as the โ€œsource chainโ€.

2. Select Arbitrum as the โ€œtarget chainโ€.

3. Connect your wallet.

4. Press โ€œSelect a tokenโ€ and pick WOM

5. Enter the amount of WOM tokens that you want to bridge from BNB Chain to Arbitrum

6. Press โ€œNextโ€ (โ€œApproveโ€ your tokens transfer, press โ€œTransferโ€ and wait for confirmation).

2. Next:

  1. Press โ€œRedeemโ€

  2. Select BNB Chain

  3. Connect your wallet

  4. Press โ€œRecoverโ€

3. Redeem your tokens:

  1. Click โ€œRedeemโ€ and confirm the transaction in your wallet

  2. In order to pay gas fees on Arbitrum, you will need โ€œ

  3. Confirm you received WOM tokens in your wallet through the Arbitrum network

  4. Congratulations, your tokens are now successfully bridged!

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