📱SafePal (Arbitrum)

Enter SafePal and buy MGP on Trader Joe

  • Download SafePal

  • Create / Import Wallet (Store keys offline)

  • Open Wallet

  • Press browser section (Green squares)

  • Enter Trader Joe

  • Connect Wallet

  • Buy MGP

1. Enter SafePal browser and select Trader Joe

2. Press "Trade tokens"

3. Press "Connect Wallet

4. Select "Wallet Connect'

5. Select the "Arbitrum" network & press "Agree"

6. Your wallet is connected (Green light)

  • Search for the MGP token on Trader Joe

  • Press "Approve"

7. Press "Swap" to get MGP

  • It is necessary to deposit ARETH (ETH on Arbitrum) in your wallet to interact with Arbitrum. ARETH is used to pay gas fees in the network.

  • MGP Token Contract (Arbitrum): 0xa61F74247455A40b01b0559ff6274441FAfa22A3

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