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SafePal (Arbitrum)

Enter SafePal and buy MGP on Trader Joe
  • Download SafePal
  • Create / Import Wallet (Store keys offline)
  • Open Wallet
  • Press browser section (Green squares)
  • Enter Trader Joe
  • Connect Wallet
  • Buy MGP

1. Enter SafePal browser and select Trader Joe

2. Press "Trade tokens"

Enter Trader Joe, Press "Trade tokens"

3. Press "Connect Wallet

4. Select "Wallet Connect'

5. Select the "Arbitrum" network & press "Agree"

Connect to Arbitrum

6. Your wallet is connected (Green light)

  • Search for the MGP token on Trader Joe
  • Press "Approve"

7. Press "Swap" to get MGP

Approve & Swap
  • It is necessary to deposit ARETH (ETH on Arbitrum) in your wallet to interact with Arbitrum. ARETH is used to pay gas fees in the network.
  • MGP Token Contract (Arbitrum): 0xa61F74247455A40b01b0559ff6274441FAfa22A3